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Welcome to Exhausted and Tired

Here we have put together this website in order to be a dedicated portal for the sale, fitting and general information of everything to do principally with exhausts along with a Tyres section added in,

We are probably the largest supplier and stockist of exhaust in Yorkshire, i have yet to see any other company who carries so much exhaust stock and we rarely get caught out and in percentage terms have around 90% of all exhausts in stock compared to around 20% of our local competitors.

Our range of extras is second to none also for small items such as Mounting Rubbers, Gaskets, Bolts, Springs and Nuts, Exhaust Flexy sections etc.

Not only do we have fantastic stocks of exhausts but we also have great stocks of CAT Convertors as well as cleaning systems in our garage for CATS and DPF’s.

We keep a large range of Oxygen Sensors, good ranges of DPF Pressure Sensors and Temperature Sensors, Fuel Vapourisers, all four types of Peugeot / Citroen PAT Fluid.

On top of this in our garage we have a DPF Cleaner, both types of Carbon Cleaning machines, Ultrasonic cleaners (for EGR Valves and Intake Manifolds etc).

In short, we have the stocks and capabilities of supplying what you need for your exhaust and also in our garage the ability to correct any fault you may have with your vehicle.


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